the cast

ATIF SIDDIQI  Actor, performer and musician, Atif Siddiqi is a multi disciplinary artist whose work has revolved around identity issues, gender politics and notions of personal transformation by incorporating elements of symbolism and iconography. His artistic body of work includes, the long form experimental award winning documentary Solo and M! Mom, Madonna & Me. Both these films have been broadcast in Canada and shown as part of official competitions in film festivals internationally. Theatre performances of Alienation, Erotic, Exotic, audio recordings of Amethyst’s Universe, Tranie Tronic and Jugnu/Firefly and other various short form videos are also part of his portfolio.

NEIL NAPIER  Neil has been quite active in theatre over the past several years.Most recently with Centaur Theatre (Montreal, Canada) inhabiting the dual roles of Dunnison and Lefebvre in Vitorrio Rossi’s Paradise by the River, and with Infinitheatre in the (once again) dual roles of Joe and Qusay in Arthur Holden’s Fatherland. Other recent theatre adventures include: Death and the Maiden, With Bated Breath, The Caretaker, Condoville, and The Shape of Things (Centaur Theatre), Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks (Theatre Lac Brome), Ned Cox’s Hellavator (Dir. Alain Goulem), Hedda Gabler (Mainline Theatre) and Alexandria Haber’s Housekeeping and Homewrecking (TSC/H&H Players). Neil also keeps himself busy performing in various television, video-game and film productions – most recently alongside Mickey Rourke in Immortals (Nov, 2011 release), and Aaron Eckhart in the spy-thriller, The Expatriate (2012 release).

SUZANNA LENIR After completing her Master's Degree in Performance Studies from the University of Lancaster, England, in 1997, Suzanna LeNir returned to Canada and has been working as a professional actress for over 10 years. Her list of credits include appearances in such notable films and television projects as The Reagans (CBS), Within These Walls (Fox) and The Hunger (Showtime). She has appeared in over 20 commercials, and also enjoyed success on stage playing Amy in the critically acclaimed theatre production of Sunday Father at The Sadye Bronfman Center. Suzanna, also played the role of Pina in the smash hit Mambo Italiano at the Centaur and Elgin Theatre in Toronto. Nowadays, Suzanna focuses her creative energy on teaching advanced acting techniques to professional actors and actresses. As well as  developing her program to include new performers who are trying to break into the business.